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Bringing YLSC to Your District

The Young Leaders, Strong City staff is pleased to offer programming to local schools and districts. With the history of race and education as a starting point, our team uses storytelling as a tool to inform students and develop a shared understanding of where their district began. In partnership with district and youth leaders, we work carefully to curate a student experience that is markedly different from what students see in their daily lives on campus. 


Strategic planning includes ensuring our environment is welcoming and properly reimagined, utilizing a racial equity framework in curriculum development, and crafting workshops with measurable outcomes. All workshops are self-selected by students and fall within four categories derived from YLSC’s Core Values: History, Identity, Culture, and Organizing/Activation.

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Our facilitated workshops for district summits are specially created in partnership with student and district leaders to ensure programming is valuable, relevant, and tailored to the needs of participants.

Example topics include: 

  • Black and Brown United: Rediscovering Our Shared Histories

  • Musical Chairs: Race, Culture, and the Intersections of Music and Entertainment

  • You Are Who You’ve Been Waiting For: How to Use Community Organizing to Create Change In Your Community


What Our Participants Say


From Students:

"At schools, sometimes people don't have outlets to share about our own race and our own gender... It's nice to have a place to talk about who we are and how we represent ourselves as people. "


"I'm really grateful that there is a program where adults are listening... Kids nowadays know what's happening in society and all the issues and how we can tackle them."


From Administrators:

"With YLSC as our partners in this endeavor, what we thought was going to be a great day of learning for our students surpassed all of our expectations. The day-long Racial Justice and Equity Teen Summit was an amazing experience and ended with everyone wanting more. More knowledge, more conversations, more debate... Just more of what we had been exposed to in our short time together."


Angelia Lee

Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Richardson ISD


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