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10th annual Teen Equity Summit

So what happens at the summit?

You design your own day–you select your workshops, your lunch, and how/if you want to share.This day is meant to provide all of us with additional leadership and advocacy skills that you can take back to your campus and community.

The Leaders within bring the light out

This was summit was made possible by a team of student leaders that represent our Youth Advisory Council ( YAC for short). These amazing students helped put together workshops, designs, and conversations to help their fellow classmates have a "brave space" to talk about problems that their age group face everyday.


Our village of volunteers, educators, facilitators, and sponsors made this event one for the books! We hope that this  inspires you to give back to the community that gave to you. 


"I enjoyed the safe space that was given to all of us. During the opening session, workshop and closing session, I felt involved, important, safe, and at peace. Knowing that all of us here are living our truth. Trying to move forward while being leaders to make the world move forward. This event was purely just beautiful.."

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