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9th Annual Teen Equity Summit

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YLSC Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is led by and for youth. Students meet monthly to discuss identity,  community change and leadership. All 9th-12th grade students are welcome! Lunch provided. Volunteer hours available. 

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9th Annual Summit Page
Our Process


"My Favorite Part of the Day was all of it"

- 2018 YLSC Alum

Communicating and Collaborating Across Lines of Difference

Each year, YLSC brings together hundreds of students from public, private, and charter schools to talk about race. Facilitated by local educators, artists, and historians, our programming offers students the opportunity to critically engage with their peers from different backgrounds and identities. Each YLSC program begins by grounding students in their local history and explores their individual concepts of race and identity.

9th Annual
Teen equity summit 

Each year since 2014, Young Leaders, Strong City has brought together high school students from across the Dallas - Ft. Worth area.

All 9th - 12th-grade students are welcome to join Young Leaders, Strong City on Saturday, October 29th, 2022 the 9th Annual Teen Equity Summit. The summit is a half-day leadership development experience with meaningful discussions on identity, equity, and organizing for change. Learn more about the amazing workshops, facilitators, and many more contributions to this amazing this event!



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